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IE expo 2018 come to a successful conclusion, the booth of ZIMEX won a lot of attention

Organized by the Messe München, Chinese Society for Environmental Science, the Union Environmental Services Chamber of Commerce, Messe München Zhongmao Co., Ltd. and other units, IE expo 2018 was held from 3 to 5 May 2018 in Shanghai New International Expo Center as scheduled. 

the booth of ZIMEX  

As Asia's most influential, highest-quality environment technical communication event, IE expo brings the cutting-edge technology and the latest solutions in the field of environmental pollution control together, such us wastewater treatment, water supply and drainage, and solid waste treatment, resource recycling, atmospheric pollution, indoor air pollution control, site remediation, environmental monitoring, environmental services etc. ZIMEX Shanghai, with advanced water quality analysis products from Germany, was invited to participate in the environmental monitoring area of IE EXPO Shanghai.

On the exhibition, ZIMEX set up several zones: pH paper, filter paper, test boxes and instruments. We introduce the exhibits in detail such as multi-parameter water quality analyzer, biological toxicity analyzer, all kinds of quick analysis test paper as well as the fine filter paper to the audience, which are applicable to chemical industry, scientific research, food, electroplating, metal surface processing, textile printing, dyeing and other industries. the PF - 12 Plus multi-parameter water quality analyzer thanks to its simple operation, compact easy to carry, is suitable for both laboratory and suitable for outdoor, and also can be used to test various conventional parameters in drinking water and wastewater (hardness, turbidity, ammonia nitrogen, COD, heavy metals such as copper and nickel), attracting the attention of many professional audience; 

NANOCOLOR® and VISOCOLOR ® series of test boxes are classic products of MN with high market acceptance and are highly valued by manufacturers; PEHANON ® series pH test papers have been patented and successfully passed, whose specialness is able to eliminate the coloration interference effectively without interfering with the determination of pH value and are widely used in industry, dairy industry, textile and other industries.

The participants who came to our booth for consultation came in an endless stream. The professional staff demonstrated the operation of the product for them. As a pioneer in the field of environmental protection, ZIMEX is constantly pursuing enterprise breakthrough and innovation, using advanced water quality testing technology to add strength to China's environmental protection cause. Looking forward to meet you the next year on IE Expo Shanghai!