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ZIMEX|How to quickly determine whether water is contaminated?

How can you quickly estimate that river water, all kinds of industrial discharge water including water from the water plant is polluted or not? The naked eye must not be able to do this, which requires the use of appropriate instruments and reagents.

BioFix ® Lumi - 10 portable water quality biotoxic analyzer

A few years ago, I had visited a drinking water factory; their quotations are from local mountain spring water, which is clean and limpid. It contains a variety of minerals, which are beneficial to our body and suitable for being processed into drinking water. But because the factory has some economic conflicts with local villagers, they worried that some people will be so extreme, that they will put toxic and harmful substances such as pesticides into the mountain springs.
Is there a way to determine quickly and accurately if the water is drinkable?

At last they found one of our products, BioFix ® Lumi - 10 portable water quality biotoxic analyzer (hereinafter referred to as Lumi - 10), which is introduced by Shanghai Zimex Industrial Co., Ltd., produced by Germany MN company.
It can detect more than 5,000 toxic substances in water and quickly determine whether water samples are contaminated with chemicals or biological substances.

Lumi-10 will be an ideal product for water quality biotoxicity tests in the event of a water pollution emergency. In recent years, a number of chemical spills or emissions have been released into rivers, causing serious pollution to the local environment and even killing people. Natural disasters, such as floods in towns and cities, have also affected the use of water. At this time, it is very necessary for environmental protection department, CDC, security center, water plant and other departments to test the safety of water, to determine whether some of the local rivers are polluted or not.

Of course, in addition to emergencies, it is also applicable to the monitoring and research of the daily water quality for government environmental departments, factories and some research and development institutions.

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