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【New Product】 NANOCOLOR ® Sulfate LR 200

【New Product】

NANOCOLOR® Sulfate LR 200
Sulfate is a neutral and soluble compound. In the case of sulphate minerals (such as gypsum and hard gypsum), drinking water may show high levels of sulfate. Sulfates are released in several processes to enter the wastewater; and there are man-made cause, such as fertilizers and acid rain.

The WHO recommends that the amount of sulfate in drinking water should not exceed 250 mg/L SO42-, because high levels of sulphate can cause a bitter taste in water and can even cause lung corrosion. Therefore, it is very important to detect and control the content of sulfates in water bodies.

Compared with other similar reagent or test-tube, MN NANOCOLOR ® LR 200 has the following advantages:

  1. Fast! Detection time is short, fast and reliable.
  2. Accurate! The random errors in test results of the reagents are smaller.
  3. Convenient! All reagents and test tubes required for sulphate testing are included, and no further requirement for treatment of toxic barium salts.
  4. Wide rangeHigh concentrations of sulfate can also be measured by dilution.
  5. Easy to operate! The stability of batch is high, no need to measure blank value. The relative value is preset in the photometer of each MN product.
  6. Quality guarantee! For turbidity and colorable solutions, calibration values are also simple and feasible.
Data and ordering information:

Application Fields:

  1. Industrial wastewater
  2. Surface water
  3. Drinking water, mineral water
  4. Beverage industry
  5. Exhaust leaching water analysis
  6. Cooling water (calcium sulfate)

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