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 ——On-site commissioning and operation of 500D multi-parameter water quality analyzer
Jihui REMONDIS(Shanghai)Environmental Protection&Science&Technology Co., a professional environmental protection industry group for comprehensive utilization and disposal of waste materials resource,which is founded by Shanghai Jihui environmental protection company and German REMONDIS Group.Between them,the German REMONDIS Group is the largest environmental protection industry group in Germany,and is a global leading environmental service company with nearly a century history.
In Germany,REMONDIS Group is a loyal user of products from Germany MACHEREY-NAGEL(MN),so when it entered China,based on the trust in MN high-quality products,it continues to select the MN products as the sole criterion for water quality testing.
On October 11,as the Chinese agent of the Germany MN products,Shanghai ZIMEX Industrial Co.,Ltd.came to Jihui REMONDIS to undertake the training and on-site commissioning of MN NANOCOLOR®500D multi-parameter water quality analyzer for laboratory operation personnel.

On-site commissioning and apparatus operation for REMONDIS by technical personnel from ZIMEX

Technical personnel from ZIMEX explained the instructions of 500D carefully

This time,the products which Jihui REMONDIS ordered,namely NANOCOLOR®500D multi-parameter water quality analyzer and supporting reagents set from Germany MN water quality testing instrument series,is used for detecting the content of total nickel,total chromium,organic compounds and other important parameters.
The built-in various water quality analyzer test program can be used for the detection of all the important parameters in water and wastewater and has been widely applied in the environmental protection of government department,drinking water industry,enterprise sewage and waste water detection and water quality analysis laboratory etc.
This test method is simple,quick and accurate and is an ideal choice for water quality analysis.

NANOCOLOR®500D multi-parameter water quality analyzer and supporting reagents set

NANOCOLOR®500D multi-parameter water quality analyzer

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